Five Top Benefits of Working with a Physiotherapist

All of us here at Physiotherapy at Home are passionate about our profession. We love making an impact on the quality of our clients’ lives, which is why we’re dedicated to ensuring all treatment plans are as accessible as possible.

Here are some great examples how physiotherapy can improve your wellness: 

1. Improve mobility, strength and balance. Physiotherapy makes it possible to do more of the physical activities that bring you […]

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Improving your Balance

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At Physiotherapy at Home, we love to help our clients work on improving their balance.

Incorporating balance exercises into your exercise routine is essential, especially as we get older. Balance exercises should be done at least 3 times a week to be most effective but you can do them every day of the week to see even better […]

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Bringing physiotherapy & rehabilitation to your door in Toronto and beyond!

We are now offering our in-home physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments to those residing in the Greater Toronto Area, York and Durham regions.

At Physiotherapy-at-Home, our reputation is built on taking great care of people. We bring specialized and personalized care to those who prefer treatment in the comfort of their own homes or rehabilitation/long care facility.

Please get in touch to confirm that we are in your area.

Currently, we’ve expanded […]

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Have you tried urban poling?

Walking Poles

Do you use walking poles or have you seen other people using them and perhaps you are curious if they might be a good option for you?

Urban poling, also called Nordic walking is increasing in popularity in North America as more people discover the many health benefits that using them have:

  • Engages 75% of your muscles
  • Burns 20% more calories than walking without poles
  • Activates your core muscles […]
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